To tat or not to Tat

To tat or not to Tat

Love tattoos, but afraid of needles?  Me too, which is one reason why I created, Tat Bratz...unique, exciting clothing for women & men with a tattoo-twist. 

As a child I used to 'toss my cookies' every time I had to get vaccinated for school.  Those darn needles did it to me every time and as an adult, I will still go out of my way to dodge a needle whenever possible.  Until, that is, the time my girlfriend came to visit.

Becky and I had just finished a fantastic dinner and a bottle of vino at a great restaurant on the beach.  Driving home we were feeling fat and happy and one of us (don't recall which one was the idiot) blurted out, 'Hey...I have an idea!  Let's get a tattoo!"  

Feeling brave after consuming Twisted Sister, we quickly headed to the first tattoo parlor we could find on Hwy 101.  I grabbed a parking spot and turned off the engine.

"Well?  Are you coming?"  Becky had her door open and was ready to go.  

"Oh - yeah - sure."  The wine was starting to wear off and visions of needles were dancing in my head.  

As we entered the tattoo horror chamber I began to feel queasy.  Am I really going to let someone stick a sharp object in my arm?  What if I throw up?

Just then I noticed the Needle Man walking our way.  Oh Gawd...

"Where are you going?  Don't leave - this is going to be so much fun!"  Becky was clearly still in wine-mode.

"You stay," I said, skulking out the door.  "I'll wait for you in the car."

Alas, we both left tattoo-less, but the memory is always good for a laugh and now, with Tat Bratz, I can get my tattoo fix every day.  

Leggings, yoga pants, men's shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, tank tops, crop tops - so stay tuned - you're gonna love them all!

We're still adding products to the website so be sure to check back often.

More soon!


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Val Pledger
Val Pledger

November 18, 2019

I’m so excited for you and George!I know you two will go far with tatbratz! I love the name and what I’ve seen so far… Congratulations

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