About Us


Hi and welcome to Tat Bratz, my newest venture into the world of fashion.  I've been a fashion designer since 2009, starting with blinged up baseball caps while managing a 300 acre ranch in California.  Baseball caps led to swimwear, followed by casual daytime dresses with a unique flair, and then evening gowns.

Tat Bratz came into being because I love tattoos, but hate the thought of someone sticking me with needles, so I decided to 'wear' my tattoos instead (you can read my blog for a more detailed, humorous account of my tattoo experience which helped give birth to Tat Bratz.

So...whether you love tattoos or not, I'm certain you're going to love our designs, because I've made certain to create looks for all tastes and personalities, including colorful, unique floral designs created by my sister, Georgette, who is an artist in her own right.

New designs are added daily, so be certain to check back often!