Twinkle is trimmed in Aurora Borealis crystal rock with an iridescent sparkle like the stars in the sky.  It also comes in gold & silver crystal rock under separate listings.

The shield goes on just like a pair of glasses.  No tight 'headache' bad around your head like some shields, plus it fits great over eyeglasses or sunglasses should you want to wear them with your shield.

No more smeared makeup or sweaty face, and people can actually see your expression and your beautiful smile.

They're feather-light, comfortable, crystal clear, reusable & anti-fogging.  They protect a larger portion of your face, less claustrophobic, others can hear you when you speak, & everyone can see your face!


  • COMPATIBLE DESIGN: Made from transparent PVC material, the raised nasal attachment gives ample separation between the nose and face which can be worn comfortably with or without prescription eye glasses or sunglasses.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Elongated Curved-shape design allows for maximum coverage and protection from particle droplets, spray, splatter, saliva, wind, smoke and debris.
  • VERSATILE: This One-size-fits-all replaceable and reusable visor with glass attachment is a practical and portable protective solution. The visor can be cleaned after every use with soap and water, or wiped with disinfectant (recommended)

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